Project construction scale and content

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The total investment of the project is expected to be one hundred million yuan, and the total construction time is 3 years. The preliminary project mainly includes the promotion and publicity of 1000 wedding associations and chambers of Commerce of all provinces, cities and counties in China, 10000 signing and cooperating wedding companies, 300 five-star hotels that can take off and land helicopters, 300 air wedding app booking platforms and signing and cooperating navigation companies. Later stage project construction mainly includes the maintenance of air wedding app reservation platform, exploration of business model, formulation of air wedding execution standard, development of insurance cooperation, banking cooperation, automobile sales cooperation, wedding supplies cooperation, sugar, tobacco and alcohol cooperation, real estate marriage and housing cooperation, marriage and family appliance cooperation, bedding cooperation, wedding dress cooperation and expansion of related supporting businesses, and improvement of Tongtong Aviation wedding industry emerging industry chain.

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