Necessity of air wedding project construction

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Promoting the development of military civilian integration is a great strategy to benefit the country, the army and the people. Promoting the development of military civilian integration is a great strategy to benefit the country, the army and the people. Both the military and the local should stand at the height of the overall development of the party and the national cause to understand the air wedding. In the first half of 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs married 4.98 million couples; the Civil Aviation Administration issued the 2018 civil aviation industry development statistics bulletin. In terms of fleet size, by the end of 2018, the total number of general aviation registered aircraft was only 2495, including 692 for teaching and training. The marriage number is 2712 times larger than the fleet size. Half a year's average calculation: there will be 27213 couples getting married every day, and the total number of China's aviation fleet is less than the zero of the number of couples getting married. If the air wedding project is started, one percent of the couples will choose the plane to get married in the early stage, and 272 couples will be married every day. It is expected that within three years, through social operation, more and more aircraft will be used to get close to each other, and aircraft and pilots will be in the first serious emergency.

Change ideas, build consensus, innovate boldly and start a business bravely

Air wedding, sharing low altitude, developing navigation and benefiting the country

Close integration of the military and the people and comprehensive development of navigation
President Xi Jinping's nineteen major report pointed out that "socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which is a new historical position for China's development". In the new era, it is of great strategic significance for the balanced development of national economy and the coordinated development of national defense forces to fully realize the military civilian integration development of general aviation industry.
National political development perspective
Military civilian integration is a new important force to promote the comprehensive and balanced development of the economy. It is of great significance to carry out air wedding to build a well-off society in an all-round way and to enhance the happiness index of the people.
Air force development perspective
Military civilian integration is an important guarantee force to realize the modernization and innovation of national defense. Air wedding is the starting point of the road of "climbing to the sky". Air wedding is committed to launching a series of innovative and entrepreneurial business projects in the air. From the air wedding, it will cut into navigable business, let the navigable aircraft fly, and carry out socialized operation. There is enough single amount of marriage and marriage business in China. When there is not enough aircraft and talents, it will force navigable industry to buy aircraft and train talents, which will surely promote navigable business The development of aviation industry will inevitably promote the renewal and development of the concept of flight personnel training. To achieve the goal of reserving pilots for the country and the military.
Development perspective of navigation industry
Establish the idea of military civilian integration development of general aviation industry. To expand the air wedding is an important way to promote the two wings of civil aviation and navigation, and to speed up the construction of a modern navigation industry suitable for a well-off society in an all-round way.
National economic development
We will improve the military civilian integrated development system and mechanism for the general aviation industry. The development of aviation wedding (air wedding) will give China's general aviation economy a new way to take off, and establish a strategic aviation industry system of the whole industry chain, such as market operation and extended services.
Social perspective of national economy and people's livelihood
The innovation of air wedding has a positive significance in promoting the upgrading of the means of transportation for people's livelihood marriage. General aviation has a close relationship with wedding reception, which provides a diversified way for men's and women's marriage.
Air wedding, benefiting the country, the army and the people, gives China general aviation a new way of flying, and gives birth to a new business form! The air wedding project is conducive to the development of national air resources and lay the foundation for the development of China's general aviation industry.
Air wedding project to fill the gap of domestic navigation market
The air wedding project fills the market gap in the emerging domestic aviation industry, which is lack of aircraft marriage and low-altitude couple tourism. It plays an important role in promoting the aviation tourism taste and expanding the aviation industry, and also plays a huge role in promoting the development of the wedding industry.
Cross border integration of navigation and wedding to build an aircraft carrier in the era of marriage and navigation
Love and marriage: lovers love to get married when they travel in the air. Lovers who are passionate about love hope to launch a helicopter to get married in the air, so that the blue sky and white clouds can witness their love. At the same time, there is also an air romance, overlooking the mood of human love. Most couples who are in love say: overlooking the great wall of patriotism, one kiss in the air will make a life-long, magnificent landscape of the United States of China, and get married as soon as they get off the plane.
Air Wedding: in-depth exploration and utilization of its own wedding and navigation resources, looking for comparative advantages, building a unique core competitiveness, and taking the road of service victory.
Honeymoon tourism base: gradually establish a general aviation honeymoon tourism experience base, which can provide low-altitude flight tourism services for newly married people, just filling the gap in the current wedding tourism form. Low altitude flight sightseeing will bring powerful and novel experience to the newly married people, guide the trend of aviation consumption fashion, and play an inestimable role in improving the quality of aviation tourism and expanding the economy of aviation tourism.
Aircraft wedding photography: the wedding photography business with aircraft as background is carried out nationwide, and national photography institutions are invited to join in.
General aviation should set up the big concept of emerging industries, especially air wedding, involving thousands of households. We actively explore the industrial agglomeration development mode with aircraft marriage as the core, radiating both ends of the industrial chain. Its main characteristics are wedding + full industrial chain of general aviation business, and comprehensive business income. From a "marriage and marriage" to form a "navigation wedding industry chain", and then expand into a large "integration development area".
Air wedding project helps to realize the sustainable development of local economy
General aviation forms a circular industrial chain
The construction of the air wedding project is a process of overall planning. In the early stage of the general aviation market, a comprehensive operation base has been built with a long-term vision. It represents the development direction of China's general aviation in the future, and has become the leader of the industry, including the operation of helicopter reception, aviation tourism, aviation club, aircraft exhibition and sales, training, education, rescue, real estate and insurance The combination of insurance industry and other industries forms a circular industry chain. These business contents basically cover the business scope of general aviation field, which are indispensable and complementary to each other.
Project construction feasibility
Policies and regulations guarantee the opening of low altitude areas
In 2010, the State Council and the Central Military Commission jointly issued the opinions on deepening the reform of China's low altitude airspace management, which clearly takes five to ten years to comprehensively build and deepen the reform. It is estimated that 2015 In, the low altitude airspace reform was carried out, and the low altitude airspace was classified in Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Jinan and Lanzhou flight control zones, initially forming a national integrated low altitude airspace operation management and service guarantee system. The air wedding project has great development potential.

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