Wedding looking for a breakthrough in cross-border integration

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With the opening of low altitude flight, the development prospect of shared aircraft is not clear. Although the air wedding entrepreneurship and innovation project is in the planning and creativity, due to the limitations of the use field and public attributes, whether it can form the overall aviation wedding consumer market in the whole society still needs us to layout the development of general aviation + wedding field, and we need to continue to find new breakthroughs.

The core of the sharing economy is to transfer the idle resources of the owners to other members of the society repeatedly through the "platform series" frequently, so that the owners can gain profits and improve the utilization rate of resources. A high-quality platform is the basis for the efficient flow of this process. In the face of the wedding reception market, we urgently need to build an air wedding "C2C" (consumer room) platform, which will gather all kinds of general aircrafts, all kinds of navigation services, wedding services and skilled personnel (such as wedding hosting, wedding planning, etc.) for information, and then release them by category. Consumers can "book" general aircraft or wedding services on this platform.

With the expansion of China's high net worth population, the high-end customized wedding market is heating up. Navigable wedding plays an important role in high-end customization. It not only has the flexibility for free deployment in time and place, but also can customize high-end wedding service content in the voyage. High end customized navigable wedding may become a driving point of navigable + wedding.

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