Flying taxis are heating up, and the unexpected air world is quietly changing.

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Investment, marriage and marriage, flying drop has a future

What's the next hot spot in global transportation? The answer is a flying taxi.


What's the next hot spot in global transportation? The answer is a flying taxi.
The three major functions of air traffic that deserve attention in the global air world are big data, flying taxi and family marriage.
Since 2020, the global investment reports on "air taxi", "flying", "air taxi" and "air bus" have come to the fore, with a large amount of news and information.
Many institutions, such as leading enterprises and innovative enterprises of artificial intelligence in the world, aviation industry giants using artificial intelligence for technology upgrading, and investment institutions deeply engaged in artificial intelligence industry, are based on the requirements of multiple standards, such as research strength, technology and products, market and industry potential, operation ability, capital and financial status, innovation and practicality, strategic synergy, etc Research, development and manufacture of air vehicles.
More and more technology companies, aircraft manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and investors are participating in it. Air flight will bring air taxi service, some of which may even use artificial intelligence to fly by themselves.

The world's giants have invested a lot of money in the research and development of "air taxi", which has triggered the transformation of our transportation mode.
A large amount of money is invested in the research and development of "air taxi", which leads to the transformation of our transportation mode
In 2016, Uber announced that Uber elevation hired mark Moore, an expert from NASA. It is reported that Moore has been working for NASA for 30 years, during which he is mainly responsible for the on-demand electric flying vehicle project, and is committed to developing the next generation of air vehicles.
On June 9, 2016, Larry Page, Google's co-founder, invested in two start-ups developing "flying cars" in his own name. One is called "Zee. Aero", while the other is "Kitty Hawk", which specializes in developing "flying cars". At that time, due to trade secrets, Larry Page did a good job in keeping Zee. Aero confidential.
On September 5, 2017, Tencent, China, took the lead in injecting US $90 million into lillium, a German "flying taxi" start-up. Mirko Reuter, who is in charge of Audi's autopilot program, was named Lilium's new director of autopilot. He will "further develop all necessary and important key capabilities of the AAV system.".

China Tencent takes the lead in injecting 90 million US dollars into lillium, a German "flying taxi" start-up
David Wallerstein, chief exploration officer of Tencent, said: "transportation travel technology plays an important role in daily life, and Lilium's electric aircraft provides new travel options. Application scenarios include underdeveloped areas with backward road infrastructure and developed areas with traffic jams, benefiting all parts of the world. "
On October 5, 2017, Boeing acquired Aurora Flight Sciences, a company specializing in the research of UAV flight systems, with no publicly acquired amount. Prior to the acquisition, Aurora was working with Uber to develop flying taxis.
On August 2, 2018, Boeing and MIT set up a new R & D center in Boston, focusing on the design, manufacture and flight of drones.
In November 2018, Airbus, a famous French aircraft manufacturer, announced to invest in blade, an aviation start-up in New York.
On January 12, 2019, at CES 2019 in the United States, bell nexus, a full-scale air taxi, was exhibited. As for landing, nexus can easily be placed on a 40x40 foot landing pad without even building a separate airport or apron. Bell and partner Uber are designed for urban use and hope to release them into the air by 2023.
May 24, 2019, 1886 Bosch, founded in the United States, announced that multinational companies with businesses all over the world help taxis fly to the sky with professional technology. The company uses the current technical advantages to apply in the emerging field of navigation, so as to enter the flying taxi industry, and combines a number of sensors on one platform to develop parts needed for the air taxi, simplify development work and save costs, so as to help Help manufacturers and technology companies make flying taxis a reality as soon as possible.
On May 26, 2019, Bosch believed that flying taxis would be the future direction.

Geely and Daimler of China have jointly invested in volocopter, a flying taxi company, and the two sides will jointly contribute 50 million euros.
On September 9, 2019, Geely and Daimler of China jointly invested in the flight taxi company volocopter, and the two sides will jointly contribute 50 million euros. Toyota has invested $349 million in flight taxi company Joby aviation; Geely Holding and volocopter will set up a joint venture in China to introduce the air travel scheme into China, and Geely will be responsible for the production and marketing of volocopter products in China.
The first flying taxi, cityairbus, will be tested in early 2020. According to Airbus, city Airbus will be used as a vehicle for the 2024 Paris Olympics.
On January 16, 2020, aviation start-up Joby aviation received an investment of US $590 million, and Toyota led the investment of nearly US $400 million. The investors also include Intel Capital, JetBlue technology ventures and other venture capital departments.
On January 7, 2020, Uber, a car Hailing giant, jointly released the first generation of flying concept car s-a1 with Hyundai, a Korean car manufacturer, on Monday. The goal of Hyundai is to develop a series of air taxis for Uber elevation together with Uber.
On January 16, 2020, Uber Elevate announced plans to begin demonstration flights this year. The car sharing giant hopes to launch commercial services in 2023, initially in Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.
On February 7, 2020, Cora, an autonomous flying taxi developed by Wisk, will start testing services in New Zealand.

According to the analysis of Morgan Stanley, by 2040, the market value of flying taxis may be as high as $1.5 trillion.
Research shows that by 2030, more than 60% of the world's population will live in cities. The development of air travel in the city is conducive to improving the travel efficiency, and the future air taxi market has great potential. According to Deloitte's report "flying cars for the future of mobile travel", the market size of "air taxi" in the United States alone will reach US $1.7 trillion in 2040. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of urban air travel ecosystem and large-scale investment in capital, testing and development, the prospect of air travel is becoming more and more clear.

Science fiction movie the Jetsons
The flying one is going to fly! Would you like to sit?
March 8, 2020 according to foreign media reports, air taxi or flying, it has existed for a long time in our dreams. If you've seen science fiction blockbusters like the Jetsons or back to the future, you may be immersed in the illusion of using taxis in the air to get rid of traffic jams.

Science fiction movie back to the future
Toyota, Uber, Hyundai, Airbus, Boeing and other start-ups and established companies are all committed to building a flight that can carry passengers. Our dreams are getting closer and closer to reality. The goal of these companies is to cross the traffic.
Uber plans to launch an air taxi service in 2023, which is now supported by the mysterious start-up company Joby aviation. It has signed a multi-year commercial contract with Joby aviation to launch a fast, reliable, clean and affordable urban air taxi service in the selected market.
Qi Xiaoli, President of the Asia Pacific region of Vesta business jet, said, "in the United States, it is very common for high-end business people who have worked for a certain number of years to take private planes."

Aviation startup Joby aviation received an investment of US $590 million, while Toyota led the investment of nearly US $400 million.
Global air flight Alliance
In 2018, European airline Airbus invested in blade, an aviation start-up in New York, and established a partnership with it to expand helicopter call services in more cities around the world.
Toyota, Joby aviation, Uber and Hyundai are all pushing ahead in an area already crowded with competitors. Boeing, another partner in Uber elevation, has begun flight testing its prototype air taxi.
Lilium aviation, a German start-up, released a prototype of remote control jet evtol and completed the first phase of testing.
With the support of Intel, Daimler and Geely, volocopter, headquartered in Stuttgart, has apparently recorded more than 1000 test flights, aiming to achieve fully autonomous commercial flights by 2023.

China's pioneers in the field of air travel were born, creating a new trillion market and a new industry of employment for millions of people.
China's pioneer in air travel creates a new trillion market and a new industry with millions of jobs
Many companies around the world are trying to make money from this new technology, according to the German news television channel website on February 17, 2019.
With billions of investment in flying taxis in technology giants, Silicon Valley and the automobile industry, it is worth mentioning that no one has been able to transform flying into a large industry.
According to slashgear, air taxis may soon become a reality. The world uses high-tech to make air taxi. Who will sell the air taxi to and who will manage it? For whom? How will air taxis work in the future? Can air service operators emerge?

Wedding in the air, wedding in the air, marriage in the new industry, perfect integration of marriage and aviation
It is understood that an air wedding operation center has been born in Beijing. It is not only a pioneer in the field of air travel in China, but also a practitioner of global air traffic. The birth of this company is related to the guidance on promoting the development of general aviation industry issued by the Chinese government in May 2016. It has carried out the positioning of "strategic emerging industry" for general aviation and fulfilled the mission of "serving the society". The government policies have greatly accelerated the pace of low altitude development in China.
Looking at the current situation of the development of China's navigation industry, Chaoyang industry is facing many "bottlenecks", what are the solutions? The company integrates the wedding industry and the navigation industry. The air service entrance is positioned on the civil marriage and marriage, and integrates the resources of the two industries. It's really innovative and creative. It uses helicopters to pick up and send brides. Through prospective analysis, China's wedding reception is a traditional demand, and people are tired of the current luxury wedding motorcade. They are using luxury wedding motorcade, which can not highlight the personalized demand. The helicopter reception meets the taste of Chinese new people. Moreover, the carrying capacity of the helicopter is almost the same as that of the wedding car, and the project entrance directly cuts into the civil service To meet the needs of the private market, it will gradually become a rigid project for the mass marriage, which not only upgrades the wedding transportation tools in the wedding industry, but also drives the development of China's general aviation industry.
This Beijing air wedding operation center should be the first one in the world to use helicopters to meet people's wedding. It uses China's wedding companies, wedding hosts, flower and flower companies, photography companies, film and television companies, makeup companies, wedding product suppliers, and China general aviation airport to form a huge civil wedding and marriage with airlines and pilots Social service institutions, which can accept millions of jobs, are a major innovation. In the future, they are expected to become a resource integration platform for wedding + navigation technology and business, and also bring good news to investors of "air taxi" in the world.

It not only upgrades the wedding transportation tools in the wedding industry, but also drives the development of China's general aviation industry.
Here comes the folk "helicopter reception"! However, Chinese helicopters are not enough, and air taxis will become the main force.
From the perspective of operation, in-depth analysis, this marriage and marriage company in China uses private demand marriage and marriage to start air flight in the early stage of operation, helicopters of China's existing navigable companies in the early stage, and "air taxi" developed globally in the later stage, which is very forward-looking. It's really a step forward in the business field. At present, we don't know how many investments there are Business invests in the project.
"Hold the hand of the son, grow old with the son", wedding industry business volume is very large.
In the early stage, the air market was launched. About 10 million couples married each year in China. According to 5% of the business, they chose to use helicopters to meet their parents. The annual demand was 500000 sorties, with a daily demand of 1369.8 sorties. There is an old saying in China: "there is sawdust when the saw rings". Every order received has profits. There is no risk of burning money in this project.
The number of general aviation helicopters is insufficient to meet the wedding needs.
According to the data of general and small transport operation in 2019 released by the flight standard Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China on February 13, 2020, the number of civil helicopters is 925, plus 140 training schools, there are 1065 helicopters in China; there are 426 general and small transport air companies in operation, with 3599 pilots (including 3411 Chinese pilots and foreign pilots 58).
According to the number of helicopters in China at present, the marriage and Marriage Project operated by the company in the early stage will inevitably cause the phenomenon of new people scrambling to order helicopters, and become the most popular project among Chinese people, which also changes the Chinese consumption concept of airplanes. At the same time, it has accelerated the purchase of aircraft by Chinese businessmen to join the ranks of marriage, promoted the development of aircraft manufacturing industry, and will also increase more people to learn aircraft driving technology.
Air taxi in the later stage helps boost the vigorous development of the project
However, in the early operation of marriage, the shortage of aircraft is temporary. In the later stage, a large number of "air taxis" are available, which also provides a good sales space for the global air taxi manufacturing, and more importantly, inject strong vitality into the later operation of marriage and marriage projects.

In 2022, we will "fly" in China: to make the future accessible, Chinese people are really happy.
In 2022, we will "fly" in China: to make the future accessible, Chinese people are really happy.

Liu Bingji, director of Xiamen International Investment and Trade Fair 2019, explained the new and old alternative transformation of wedding transport

According to Internet reports, at the 2019 Xiamen International Investment and trade fair and silk road investment conference, Beijing air wedding operation center solemnly released the global wedding industry aircraft (air wedding) project for the first time. There are four projects, one is wedding + air marriage + air travel + air wedding photography, the other is wedding + air marriage + air travel China Tourism + honeymoon tourism; third, international aviation "wedding + honeymoon tourism"; fourth, air traffic "flying in China" project. Liu Bingji, the founder of the project, said (director of China marriage culture professional committee and President of Beijing Bingji marriage education and Technology Research Institute): "the reform entrustment is not only reflected in other industries, but also in life events, family events, marriage events and life events, so that people can have more happiness, and accelerate the domestic marriage industry and aviation industry In order to achieve win-win, multi win and win-win results, while upgrading the marriage and marriage transportation means in the new era, the project of "China's flying in the air" will be launched in 2022. " The time node for launching the air flight is exactly the time node for the global companies to put the air taxi into use. It also forms a complete commercial closed loop with the air taxi produced by many global technology companies, aircraft manufacturers and automobile manufacturers.

China's civil helicopter marriage and marriage project started in 2020, has been favored by investors, but also become the focus of global investment and dynamic attention, the industry is in the ascendant, we will see.

The global revolutionary new air transport industry is in the ascendant
Concluding remarks:
Geely, Airbus, Boeing, Slovak aeromobil, Dutch pal-v, Pegasus Tianma in Australia, Uber, bell, opener, Kitty Hawk, Joby aviation, verdego Aero, ehang, volocopter and Lilium in Germany and SkyDrive in Japan are also developing flying cars, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the project.
According to statistics, in 2019, more than 20 teams around the world are engaged in research and development of flying vehicles, such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Geely, etc. Google, Tencent, Geely and Uber have invested more than two billion dollars in flying cars Flying car, a new way of travel in the future, will be reflected in all aspects of society!
Author: CDPA: Nine Ying Ying
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