Market Research and investigation of director Liu Bingji's air wedding and wedding

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Cross border integration research and construction of air wedding ecology
In May 1930, in order to oppose dogmatism in the Red Army at that time, Mao Zedong wrote a special article "against essentialism" and put forward the famous conclusion that "there is no investigation, no right to speak". "No investigation, no right to speak" is one of the 80 slogans in the history of the Communist Party of China.

Liu Bingji, director of Specialized Committee of Chinese wedding culture, President of Beijing Bingji wedding Road Education and Technology Research Institute, investigates the general aviation industry

Wedding industry expands new space of wedding industry and promotes new development of navigation industry
Wedding, specifically refers to the wedding ceremony planning. Wedding planning refers to the wedding tailored for the guests. It covers all kinds of wedding forms or combinations of various wedding forms. It is a wedding tailored for each new person according to their different hobbies, pursuits or needs.
Wedding includes: wedding photography, wedding banquet, wedding planning, host MC, wedding car rental, wedding photography, wedding photography, honeymoon tourism and other related industries.
In recent years, with the development of economy, the wedding industry is gradually growing into a new sunrise industry. Facing the huge potential market, the development of the domestic wedding industry is also changing. The consumption demand of the newlyweds for marriage has gradually changed from the past model and single demand to the personalized and diversified demand. In 2017, the market scale of China's wedding industry reached 1.46 trillion yuan, and it is predicted that by 2018, the market scale of China's wedding industry will reach 1.82 trillion yuan.
The wedding service, wedding photography, wedding banquet service and other industries, which are the core of wedding, are becoming more and more mature, and are combined with other industries such as home appliances, furniture, bedding, interior decoration, real estate, automobile, bank insurance, etc., gradually forming a remarkable wedding industry chain, with huge potential business opportunities.
With the improvement of the people's living standards, the wedding couples pay more attention to the wedding culture and quality needs. China's wedding industry has gradually developed from a workshop style decentralized economy to a multi industry and multi format innovative industrial pattern, and has developed towards diversification, refinement, quality, networking and industrialization.
Cross border development of navigation industry and new industry cluster of marriage aviation
For many Chinese people, general aviation is a new and unfamiliar industry. In fact, in 2016, the general aviation industry has been positioned as a national strategic emerging industry system.
In the view of experts in the industry, general aviation can cover agricultural and forestry maintenance, official business travel, tourism, leisure and tourism, civil affairs assistance and other fields. The development of this industry will help to promote the consumption level of domestic people. But at present, industrial development still faces some "bottlenecks".
General aviation refers to the use of civil aircraft to engage in civil aviation activities other than public air transport. General aviation and transport aviation are called civil aviation wings. General aviation has a wide range of applications. According to the provisions on the management of general aviation business license, it is divided into four categories, namely, a, B, C and D, with a total of 31 items. According to demand, it can be divided into social construction, economic construction and consumption demand.
It involves agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, fire prevention, rainfall, disaster rescue, customs monitoring, oil exploration, aerial photography, hoisting, medical transportation, business flight, private aircraft, teaching flight, tourism and sightseeing and other flight activities.
Due to the strict examination and approval of domestic aviation flight, the flight procedure is very complicated, which limits the development of consumption level navigation industry and the application of agriculture to a large extent. At the same time, the industry has high technical barriers, especially the weak technologies in the core areas such as engine, material and aerodynamic shape design. The early domestic navigable aircraft often need to be imported from abroad, with high operation and maintenance costs, which greatly limits the development of the navigation industry.

But in general, the navigation industry is highly related to the development of national economy. On the one hand, it has a wide range of downstream application fields. On the other hand, it is the continuous transformation of production modes in plant protection, monitoring, industry and other fields. The demand for navigation is growing day by day. Due to various factors, it is difficult to meet the constraints, and the market space that can be explored in the field of navigation is huge. Due to the excellent market prospect, the number of enterprises entering this industry has been increasing in the past decade. According to the statistics of the General Aviation Association and the data of the General Administration of civil aviation, in 2006, there were only 68 general aviation enterprises that obtained the general aviation business license in China, reaching 123 in 2011, nearly doubling in five years. By the end of 2018, the number of general aviation enterprises that obtained the general aviation business license in China had increased to 422, and the annual compound growth rate had further expanded Big.

2011-2018 statistics of the number of general aviation business license enterprises in China 

With the rapid growth of the number of enterprises, the number of general aviation aircrafts on the list has also increased significantly. At the end of 2018, the total number of general aviation aircrafts on the list reached 2495, an increase of 222% compared with 1124 in 2011, and the annual compound growth rate reached about 12%. Compared with the annual compound growth of 3 percentage points in 2006-2011, the growth rate has further improved.

Trend chart of number of general aviation registered aircrafts in China from 2011 to 2018 

However, the flight time of navigation has also been increased rapidly. Except for a small amount in 2016, the flight time of other years has maintained a relatively fast and stable growth, reaching 937100 hours in 2018, an increase of 11.9% year on year. Among them, training and other types of operations have the fastest growth, with the growth rate reaching 18.6% and 200.5% respectively. The annual compound growth rate of flight time from 2011 to 2018 reached 9.3%.

Trend chart of China general aviation flight operation time in 2011-2018

In recent years, China's navigation industry has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements, but the overall scale is still small. At present, the number of general aviation aircrafts in China is only 2495, less than 0.015% of that in the United States in 2015 (220000); the number of professional pilots is about 3000, 0.005% of that in the United States (nearly 630000); the number of general aviation airports awarded is 202, 0.01% of that in the United States (about 20000). China's land area is similar to that of the United States, which means that China's navigation industry has a potential market space of at least 100 times, which can drive the output value of the whole industry chain up and down the trillion yuan.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the annual growth rate of flight time is lower than that of the registered number of aircrafts, while the number of registered number of aircrafts is lower than that of the general aviation business license enterprises. The statistical data of China Aviation Association also shows that the average number of pilots and the average number of aircrafts in the industry show a significant downward trend. In general, the rapid development of the industry is accompanied by the decline of the average scale of enterprises, the reduction of aircraft utilization efficiency, the weakening of the overall operating efficiency of the industry and other issues.

In addition, the market structure of China's general aviation industry still needs to be optimized. According to international experience, the proportion of training and teaching, official (private) tourism and public welfare operation in the mature general aviation market business should be 2:6:2. In China, the distribution of work time mainly focuses on training and non-profit public welfare work. In 2018, the total proportion of the two exceeded about 70%, down only 1% compared with 2015.

Flight time and proportion of various types of general aviation business in China in 2018

From the perspective of the development process of navigation industry in various countries, it is difficult to reduce the proportion of training businesses in the early stage of development, mainly because the demand for pilots in the rapidly developing navigation industry continues to grow. In the early stage of navigation development, the training of pilots is an extremely important and difficult key point for development, and also a key point for the sustainable development of the navigation industry. In the future, with the development of the navigation industry With continuous development, the market scale of training time is expected to grow continuously. The public welfare non operational ones can be gradually marketized by means of transfer payment, financial subsidies, etc.

At the same time, China has established a clear development goal of general aviation. In 2016, the guiding opinions on promoting the development of general aviation industry issued by the State Council clearly proposed the development goal of "by 2020, the number of general aircraft will be more than 5000, the annual flight volume will be more than 2 million hours, the number of navigation airports will be 500, and the economic scale of general aviation industry will be more than 1 trillion yuan". Overall, the progress of the policy is still unsatisfactory, especially in terms of flight time and airports, which are more than double the gap with the development goals. In the future, it is very possible to simplify the examination and approval procedures, further realize the deregulation of low altitude control and the policy increase of the navigation industry.

In the future, with the participation of the huge business volume of air wedding, the airline company has greatly enhanced the experience of people's flight, so that the people can truly enjoy the convenience of general aviation services, and leverage the development of the whole aviation industry by marriage market.

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